Elephant Hills Digital Marketing

Elephant Hills Digital Marketing / Google Ads Case Study1 min read

Elephant Hills is the world’s #1 ethical elephant tour providers in Thailand and they are visited by thousands of people from around the world. They are very popular in the United Kingdom, United States Australia, Switzerland, Denmark, New Zealand & more.


Elephant Hills wanted to target Canada & New Zealand where they found traffic to be low. They also saw that their competitors were targeting their company name on Google which led to their competitors paid-ads showing above their [Elephant Hills] organic placement.

Organically, They rank #1 on Google for search terms that are “ Elephant Hills” related, but they were not appearing on question-related search terms or queries that didn’t have a company name in mind but were looking for Elephant tours in Thailand.


We created a search network campaign that not only targeted the company name, but we also targetted search queries that were question-related and customers who were ready to purchase an elephant tour for their visit to Thailand.

Digital Marketing Google Ads For Holiday Tour Package, Tour Package MArketing

Each of the below search queries triggered Elephant Hills’ ads that we created and led to conversions:

Thailand elephant sanctuary”

“Elephant sanctuaries in Thailand”

“Best places to look after elephants in Thailand”

“Best elephant sanctuary Thailand”


We received over 70 conversions that included leads and bookings; these leads eventually lead to conversions. Paid ads also assisted in bookings that were from customers whose initial contact with the business was through other mediums.

We have also kept Elephant Hills CPC below $0.50 a click; With an ad spend of $498.33, they received: 6,654 impressions (number of times their ad was shown) and 1,058 clicks; with an average cost per click of $0.49.