PPC Marketing Agency In London

We take time to learn about your business; thus enabling us to develop an effective marketing strategy that aligns with your brand's voice.

For over 10 years, we have managed and created numerous ads on various digital platforms including Google, Facebook & Instagram;  our experience and expertise in this field of marketing is next to none.

Certified Google Ads Professionals; you can rest assured that you’re working with a highly qualified team of professionals.

We have years of experience in digital ads creation; including but not limited to copy-writing,  account management,   training and consulting.

We keep abreast of online marketing’s ever-evolving tools & systems; This means that any new updates, techniques are quickly implemented in our existing campaigns.

We take time to learn about your business; this enables us to develop an effective marketing strategy that will align with your brand’s voice.

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What is Google Ads?

when a customer enters a search query into Google.com containing, the keywords you specified in your ad creation, your ads will be triggered. When the Google search user sees your ad and clicks on it, you'll then be charged; the cost of a click varies from industry to industry; it can be as little as £0.15 or as high as £3+ a click. If a user sees your advert and does not click on it, you will not be charged; aptly named: Pay Per Click or PPC. Within the Google Ads platform, there are different types of digital ads.

Google Ads (AdWords)

Remarketing Campaign

Let your ads follow those who have already showed interest in your business beforeandhave visited your website before or have taken a specified action on your website. eg completing a purchase or abandoning a cart. These kindof customers have a greater chanceof converting,

Display Network Campaign / Banner & Youtube Ads

Want your business to be found on some of the world’s most visited websites

let us create a well-thought-out and engaging banner display ads for your business to be displayed on popular websites. Your business can be found when people are reading a blog post from their favourite website. This form of advertising is excellent for brand awareness. This is to ensure that your prospective customer will choose your brand over your competitors because they have seen it before.

Google Shopping Campaign

If you own an e-commerce business, nothing can bring you more traffic and sales than the shopping campaign running on Google Ads.

We use the best practices and relevant negative keywords are added in order to save you money.

Call-Only Campaign

Want to boost your business through calls? If yes, then thecall-only campaign by Google AdWords is just the right option foryou. Our Google AdWords specialists help our clients frame the best call-only campaign ads,so that your prospective clientscan directly call you by clicking on the ads.

This way, you are charged for calls instead of clicks. This method of Google AdWords campaigns is affective for businesses like restuarants, hair saloon etc.

Effective Google Ads Creation

We work with you to produce the most effective ad copies.

With our keen interest in how human make decisions, we are able to create concise and appealing ads that will lead to quality traffic to your site.

Not all web clicks are made the same; we will ensure that our ads are written to attract relevant clicks and reduce wasteful clicks.

Landing Page Conversion Optimization

We can design webpages specifically for those who have clicked through to your site from the PPC ads served; these pages’ sole purpose is to generate sales or to provide information that correlates with the ads, as opposed to serving a generic landing page (eg. homepage) to all your site visitors.

Split Testing and Comparison of Ads

We’ll set up comparison tests using a smaller budget to test the effectiveness of different ads. This will allow us to measure which ad copy, targetting or language is engaging


Monitoring your campaign’s performance closely throughout. To really maximize your ad spend, and squeeze the best possible results out of it, you need to continuously optimise your campaigns. PPC optimization, as with search engine optimization, is not something you do once and then sit back and wait for results.

Optimisation can be done on various levels: Bid optimisation, audience optimisation, region and device level optimisation.

Detailed Reporting

There are excellent data tracking tools built into Google Adwords and other PPC management tools/softwares that are available to us. We wade through the data and generate a customised pdf report.

what are the most important information? please talk further about this.

Comprehensive Keyword Research

With a thorough and detailed keyword research of your business and a clear understanding how your ideal customer thinks, we will ensure that your ads are triggered for the RIGHT searches .