Is it bad to redirect a domain to another one when both are on the same hosting? Will it be bad for SEO or Google?

Is it bad to redirect a domain to another one when both are on the same hosting? Will it be bad for SEO or Google?2 min read

When working on a website, and your main goal is to improve it’s SEO, it is recommended to use google webmaster – now known as the ‘Search Console’. Using this tool, you can submit sitemaps and even tell Google that your site’s URL http://www.domain1DOTCOM is the same as http://domain1DOTCOM – the same applies if you’re using https (which is the secure version of http and now widely preferred by popular browsers).

Search console is great for troubleshooting your site (SEO related) , see search queries that people are using to find your site, your position in organic search results and more.

If in the future, you change your URL, you can even inform Google (using the search console) that you have changed your URL; and then upload your new URL’s sitemap. Google will then recognise your newly submitted URL as the same website as the previous URL.

Example: ‘domain-1′ is the URL you’d like to point to ‘domain-2′

If you’re setting a permanent redirect from ‘domain-1′ to ‘domain-2’ (usually done at your domain provider’s dashboard), then it shouldn’t have any effect on your SEO.

If you’ve moved your site from an old URL to a new, make sure that you tell Google by using the Search Console (as mentioned above) and then submit your new sitemap with your new URL;

So that you do not loose any visits from customers/visitors who knew of your old URL and any backlinks,link referrals from other sites you may have acquired with your old URL, simply use permanent redirect and send traffic to your new URL.

What is bad is duplicating the content of one site and then setting up a new site under a new URL in an attempt to make Google think that it is an original content-filled site from the already existing one.

Also, when using AdWords, make sure that you use your new domain instead of the redirecting domain as Google Adwords will think that you are trying to mislead visitors.

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