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On-Site Google Ads Training (PPC Workshop).

We Can Visit Your Office To Provide  Trainings/Workshops. This Can Be As Frequent As You Like. It Means That You or Your Employees/Team Do Not Have To Travel To A Different Location And Thus, Their Daily Routine Will Not Be Interrupted

This workshop/training is suitable for a large group of people who have a unified goal to learn how to use Google AdWords or are interested in optimising an already-existing Google AdWords campaign.

For beginners, this Google AdWords training/workshop or consultation is designed to demystify Google search advertising, known as Google Ads.

During this training, you’ll Create your first Google Ads (per per click/ ppc) campaign; The class will be lead by  a certified Google AdWords expert.

What the workshop will include:

  • An overview of Google Search Advertising: Google Maps, Shopping, Youtube advertising and The display network.
  • How effective Google AdWords is and how it can aid in the marketing of your products or Services:
  • Creating your first campaign.
  •  Reporting
  • Optimisation Techniques

For advanced Google Ads users who are looking to optimise their account or are looking to strategise, a prior telephone meeting (less than 10 min long) will be had before our meeting so that I can better understand where you’re in your Google AdWords campaign.

Who is our training suitable for?

Entrepreneurs, Startups, Business Owners, Digital Marketers, Directors, Marketing Teams, Managers & The Curious!

In-person/On-site training:

We provide trainings around the world and are open to travelling to your office, be it in London or anywhere in the world. If you’re based outside of London or the UK, please send an enquiry so that we can discuss travel arrangements.