Why is SEO a bit confusing for us? Is there any shortcut?

Why is SEO a bit confusing for us? Is there any shortcut?1 min read

SEO needn’t be confusing. Simply focus on the business – whether it’s a service or a product you offer/sell. Think like your ideal customer. What would your ideal customer type into Google to find a business like yours. What would make your ideal customer click on your website when it shows up in search results.

When they land on your website, how would you like them to feel? Can they access information easily. How fast is your site.

Are you using all the popular social media channels to promote your services/product?

Are you blogging? Unsure about what to blog about? Think like your ideal customer; what are the issues they will Google about? What would they normally research? What are their interests? Figure these things out and you’ll never run out of stories to blog about. Problem solve! Promote!

Lastly or from the get go, sign up to the search console and upload your sitemap and ensure that you follow the instructions on the search console on how to submit your website. Then after a few days, Google will tell you about any crawling issues and other issues with your site. And try to fix them.

By doing the above, youre SEO’ing. Don’t let anyone complicate it for you. Start small then once you get the hang of it; you’ll get the system. Keep educating yourself as Googles algorithms are constantly changing. Don’t buy backlinks or anything weird and don’t spam.

Good luck!

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